Simply Asia Menu Prices in South Africa

Simply Asia Menu Prices in South Africa

Simply Asia is a well-known group of quick-service restaurants in South Africa. On the Simply Asia menu, there are a lot of tasty things to choose from, such as rice dishes, drinks, noodles, and sweets.

Simply Asia Menu Prices

The menu also has a variety of appetizers and side dishes, like egg rolls, dumplings, and spring rolls, in addition to these major dishes.

We have done our best to give you the most up-to-date information on the prices of simple Asian food items.

But keep in mind that the prices may be different in different places. To get more accurate information, please visit the store near to you.

Here’s the Simply Asia menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu item Price (R)


Vegetable Spring Rolls 39.00
Sweet Corn Cakes 39.00
Chicken Satay 52.00
Chicken Spring Rolls 48.00
Prawn Spring Rolls 59.00
6-Piece Combo Platter 56.00
Chicken and Prawn Steamed Dumplings 65.00
Duck Spring Rolls 34.00
Chicken Filled Bun 19.00
Duck Filled Bun 22.00
Custard Steam Bun 17.00
Fried Thai Tempura Prawns 69.00
Spinach Dumplings 39.00
Thai Chicken Cake 49.00
Thai Beef Cake 59.00

Thai Specialities

Roasted Duck in Flavoured Soya Sauce 79.00
Roasted Chilli Tamarind Duck 82.00
Green Curry 97.00
Basil & Chilli Stir-Fry 75.00
Sweet & Sour Stir-Friy 82.00
Red Curry 97.00
Roasted Chilli Paste Stir-Fry 85.00
Honey Chicken or Duck 95.00
Thai Yellow Chicken or Duck with Salsa 95.00
Massaman Curry 95.00
Black Pepper Sauce Stir-Fry 76.00
Crumbed Chicken Tom Yum 82.00
Brinjals Stir-Fry 77.00

Mains with Noodles

Tender Duck or Chicken in Peanut Sauce 82.00
Traditional Phad Thai 95.00
Sweet Soya Noodles 79.00
Linguine Basil 77.00
Roasted Chilli Pasta and Cashew Nut Noodles 84.00
Yellow Noodles in Peanut Sauce 95.00
Large Rice Noodles 78.00
Red Sauce Noodles 78.00
Thai Green Curry Pesto Noodles 89.00
Duck or Chicken with Five Spice Oyster Sauce 105.00
Tom Yum Peanut 92.00
Thai Style Noodles 94.00
Phuket Noodles 76.00
Tom Yum Linguine 76.00
Curry Noodles 79.00
Liguine Green Curry 99.00
Five Spice Ramen Noodle 99.00
Thai Spice Ramen Noodle 99.00
Crumbed Chicken in Tamarind Sauce 95.00
Yaki Noodles 85.00


Tom Yum Soup 49.00
Consomme 49.00
Coconut Soup 51.00


Steamed Rice 15.00
Egg Fried Rice 20.00
Fried Noodles 24.00
Egg Fries Yellow Noodles 28.00
Roti 16.00
Mixed Veg 25.00
Fried Garlic Rice 22.00


Fried Banana 33.00
Chocolate Spring Rolls 37.00
Coconut Cake 37.00
Thai Angles 44.00
Thai Chocolate Brownie 44.00
Roti with Banana and Condensed Milk 33.00
Roti with Condensed Milk and Brown Sugar Sprinkle 30.00


Yellow Noodles Crumbed Chicken 55.00
Egg Fried Rice and Calamari Rings 49.00
Fried Chicken or Beef Cake 44.00


Salmon Sushi (4 pieces) 72.00
Tuna Sushi (4 pieces) 69.00
Seared Salmon Sushi (4 pieces) 72.00
Salmon Nigiri (2 pieces) 38.00
Prawn Nigiri (2 pieces) 32.00
Salmon Maki (6 pieces) 47.00
Prawn Maki (6 pieces) 39.00
Avocado Maki (6 pieces) 32.00
Tuna Maki (6 pieces) 47.00
Cucumber Maki (6 pieces) 32.00
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Maki (6 pieces) 56.00
Salmon Inside-Out Roll (4 pieces) 49.00
Tuna Inside-Out Roll (4 pieces) 49.00
Prawn Inside-Out Roll (4 pieces) 49.00
Vegetarian Inside-Out Roll (4 pieces) 36.00
Salmon Fashion Sandwich (4 pieces) 52.00
Prawn Fashion Sandwich (4 pieces) 45.00
Vegetarian Fashion Sandwich (4 pieces) 37.00
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Fashion Sandwich (4 pieces) 57.00
Salmon Hand Roll 52.00
Tuna Hand Roll 52.00
Prawn Hand Roll 52.00
Avocado Hand Roll 47.00
Salmon Roses (3 pieces) 56.00
Salmon Rainbow Rolls (4 pieces) 65.00
Rainbow Rolls (4 pieces) 65.00
Tiger Rolls (4 pieces) 65.00
Wasabi Parcels (4 pieces) 65.00
Inari Spicy Prawn (2 pieces) 52.00
Inari Avocado and Cucumber (2 Pieces) 47.00
Red Dragon Roll (4 Pieces) 65.00
Hot Rock ‘n Roll (4 Pieces) 69.00
Salmon Bamboo Roll (4 Pieces) 59.00
Tempura Bamboo Roll (4 Pieces) 59.00
Tempura Prawn (4 Pieces) 49.00
California Special (4 Pieces) 73.00
Chilli Tuna Roll (4 Pieces) 59.00
Tempura Prawn Surprise (4 Pieces) 73.00
Nigiri Simply Asia (2 Pieces) 64.00
Philadelphia Roll (4 Pieces) 52.00
Tempura Inside-out Salmon (4 Pieces) 59.00
Salmon Fashion Boost (4 Pieces) 62.00
Kickboxing Roll (4 Pieces) 53.00
Inari Tempura Prawn (2 Pieces) 56.00
Hot Tempura Prawn Roll (4 Pieces) 64.00
Tokyo Roll (4 Pieces) 59.00
Double Salmon Rainbow Roll (4 Pieces) 69.00
Menu A (6 piece salmon platter) 89.00
Menu B (8 Piece Mixed Platter) 89.00
Menu C (10 Piece Vegetarian Platter) 99.00
Menu D (10 Pieces) 129.00
Menu E (15 Pieces) 189.00
Menu F (12 Pieces) 159.00
Salmon and Avocado Salad 69.00
Prawn and Avocado Salad 79.00
Tempura Prawn Salad 79.00


Tom Yum Soup 49.00
Consomme 49.00
Coconut Soup 49.00
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 Simply Asia Menu Updates

There has been very little change to the menu at Simply Asia in 2022 thus far.

Like many of their rivals have done, most of the available dishes have increased in cost, but only by a small amount between R1.00 or R5.00 generally.

Most of the menu remains the same, with only two or three items deleted and added.

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Sushi at Simply Asia

If you’re in the market for hand-rolled sushi that comes with a vast array of various styles and varieties, There’s no reason to avoid making a trip to Simply Asia. 
simply asia menu

One of their most sought-after sushi dishes is their inside-out salmon roll. An inside out roll with salmon, and a choice of fillings as well.

Are you looking for something lighter? Try their Cucumber Maki a taste. Cucumber and rice wrapped in a sheet of delicious seaweed. Yum.

In addition to the standard sushi options, you’ll discover a selection of nigiri and sushi from their food menu. Popular options include salmon and tuna sashimi.

Nigiri is their specialty. They also have salmon on offer and the prawn nigiri, if that’s more your style. Are you looking for a list of all the various kinds of sushi on the menu at Simply Asia Scroll down to see them all?

Do you prefer sushi but not your style? Don’t worry – there are plenty of other restaurants serving diverse cuisines close to you.

Everyone might not like sushi, but everyone is a fan of pizza. Look over Romans pizza’s pizza menu at Romans pizza to see if you want anything there.

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Menu Specials

There’s good news for those looking for some particular combinations and promotions at Simply Asia. There are many available.

For starters, there is an entire section of their menu called “Chef’s Specials”. It features many different types of cuisine at affordable prices, but keep in mind most of them are sushi related.

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Some of the offers on offer include:

  • Salmon Roses for R56.00
  • Salmon Rainbow Rolls for R65.00
  • Hot Rock ‘n Roll Sushi Rolls for R69.00
  • Tempura Prawn for R49.00

There are always new specials, so your best bet is to follow their social media accounts (links below) to stay updated on the latest news.
If you’re looking for more unique dishes, but you want to explore a different kind of food to Asian, it’s impossible to be wrong with a classic burger.
The Burgers available on Spur’s menu Spur menu come in various combinations and can be with specials to help you reduce your spending.

Restaurant Locations

You’ll be pleased to know that because Simply Asia has been serving delicious meals throughout South Africa for decades now, The company has grown to include restaurants across the country.

The Thai -inspired menus at restaurants are available to order whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and even George. Some specific stores even run their specials such as this:

If you’re not in any of these locations, then you might have to travel for a short distance to dine in one of their establishments.

If you tend to be lazy, we’re not going to blame you for being lazy. There’s bound to be a variety of restaurants in your region waiting to serve you.

Look at our McDonald’s menu instead if you’re looking for something tasty, quick, and speedy.

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About Simply Asia

Chai Lekcharoensuk Chai Lekcharoensuk, a Thai national, lived for more than five years in South Africa before he decided to give one of South Africa’s local Thai restaurants ago.

Naturally, he was overly disappointed with the Thai-type food he was served.

So much so that he thought South Africa deserved better and decided to open up his first high-end Thai dining restaurants across the continent.

A short time later, following much planning, the opening of the first Wang Thai restaurant was opened in 1993. It offered residents of Cape Town a new place to have a relaxing evening and sample delicious Thai food.

The people who frequented it loved the place so much, he decided to simplify the menu and open another location, albeit ten years later than the original plan. The new name was Simply Asia Thai Food & Noodle Bar.

The chain has grown significantly throughout the years and the Simply Asia menu consistently adapting and expanding its offerings.

Today, there are around 50 Simply Asia restaurants in Africa, and most of them are located inside South Africa. Everyone eventually gets a little bored of the same type of food over and over.

If you’ve been in love with Simply Asia a bit too much, why not head back to the classic South African seafood. The seafood menu of Ocean Basket will be sure to satisfy your appetite for the ocean.

Talk To Someone At Simply Asia

Have some more questions about the menu that you’d like to ask the staff at Pizza Perfect?
Leave them a message on social media:

Bringing it all together, Simply Asia is the perfect location if you’re after something a little special combined with a traditional dose of Thai cooking.

Simply Asia’s menu consists of traditional Thai dishes, new creations, fantastic sushi options, and much more.

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More than enough choice to satisfy your Thai cravings. For any other questions you have about Simply Asia or their menu – leave a comment below.

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Enjoy your Thai food!

FAQs About Simply Asia Menu

What is Simply Asia?

Simply Asia is a popular restaurant chain in South Africa that specializes in authentic Asian cuisine. They offer a wide range of dishes inspired by Thai, Chinese, and Japanese flavors.

Are the menu prices at Simply Asia affordable?

Yes, Simply Asia strives to provide customers with affordable and value-for-money dining options. Their menu prices are designed to cater to a range of budgets, offering a variety of dishes at different price points.

Do Simply Asia’s menu prices vary across different locations in South Africa?

Yes, menu prices may vary slightly depending on the specific location of the Simply Asia restaurant. Factors such as rent, operating costs, and local market conditions can influence the pricing at each branch.

How can I find the menu prices for Simply Asia in South Africa?

You can find the menu prices for Simply Asia by visiting their official website or by contacting the specific restaurant location you plan to visit.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available on Simply Asia’s menu?

Yes, Simply Asia offers a range of vegetarian and vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences. These options are clearly marked on their menu, making it easier for customers to choose dishes that align with their dietary needs.

Can I order takeaway or delivery from Simply Asia, and are the prices the same?

Yes, Simply Asia offers takeaway and delivery services for customers who prefer to enjoy their meals at home. The prices for takeaway and delivery orders are generally the same as those offered for dine-in, although additional delivery fees may apply.

Do Simply Asia’s menu prices include taxes?

Yes, the menu prices at Simply Asia usually include taxes. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the staff or on the menu itself to ensure there are no additional charges or taxes applied to your order.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available at Simply Asia?

Simply Asia occasionally runs special promotions or offers discounts on certain menu items. These promotions may vary over time and across different locations. It’s a good idea to check their website or inquire with the specific restaurant for any ongoing promotions.

Can I make reservations at Simply Asia, and do they have a separate pricing for events or group bookings?

Simply Asia accepts walk-ins, but some locations may take reservations for large groups or special events. Pricing is normally the same for regular meals and group bookings, but some services and accommodations may cost extra.

Does Simply Asia offer any loyalty or rewards program for frequent customers?

The loyalty program is named “Simply Asia Rewards.” Customers can earn points on purchases and use them for discounts or free meals by signing up. The program honors loyal clients.

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