Panarottis Menu prices South Africa

Panarottis Menu prices in South Africa 

Panarottis has been serving a fantastic selection of pizza and pasta for many years in the past.
Their menu is filled with an array of tasty dishes to select from.

Panarottis Menu prices

The Panarottis menu is here with costs in South Africa:

Menu Item Price (R)


Smoked Salmon 88.90
Palermo 61.90
Carb Conscious 36.90
Mexican Breakfast-On-Pizza Special 36.90
Grilled Supremo Breakfast Special 36.90
Traditional Breakfast-On-Pizza 36.90


Baked Prawn Tails 76.90
Chicken Livers 72.90
Cheesy Garlic Roll 45.90
Garlic Snails 69.90
Chicken Wings 72.90

Light Meals

Avo Del Greco 72.90
Avo Del Mare 89.90
Avo Del Pollo 79.90

Flat Breads

Garlic or Herb Flat Bread 46.90
Spicy Jalepeno 82.90
Three Cheese Flat Bread 79.90
Four Cheese Flat Bread 86.90


Chicken Supreme Sub 62.90
Tikka Chicken Sub 59.90
Chicken & Mushroom Sub 54.90
Carnivore Sub 64.90
BBQ Steak Sub 71.90


Chicken Caesar Salad 78.90
Greek Salad 70.90
Chicken Chopped Salad 96.90
Vegan Salad 78.90

Gourmet Pizzas

Cheddamelt Steak 124.90
Spicy Mutton Sausage 136.90
Seafood 149.90
Rib & Steak 134.90
Rib & Chicken 129.90
Saucy Meat Supreme 128.90
Carnivore 128.90
Panarottis Special 127.90
Saucy Chicken & Bacon Supreme 126.90
Biltong, Blue Cheese & Avo 134.90
Moroccan Lamb 139.90

Classic Pizzas

Margherita 72.90
Hawaiian 95.90
Regina 95.90
Chicken & Mayo 99.90
Greek 97.90
Mediterranean 98.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken & Feta 102.90
Saucy Chicken & Mushroom 102.90
Pulled Pork & Pineapple 106.90
Mexicana 108.90
Al Capone 107.90
Pepperoni 97.90


Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli 112.90
Smoked Salmon Fettuccine 109.90
Chorizo Fettuccine 99.90
Chicken Milano Fettuccine 126.90
Fettuccine Saltimbocca 145.90
Fettuccine Carne 101.90
Homemade Beef Lasagne 99.90
Prawn Tail & Mussel Fettuccine 119.90
Creamy Pulled Pork Fettuccine 98.90
Fettuccine Arrabbiata 82.90
Spaghetti Capricciosa 94.90
Spaghetti Bolognese 92.90
Fettuccine Alfredo 97.90
Brown Mushroom Fettuccine 91.90

Meat & Poultry

Sticky BBQ Ribs 134.90
Chicken Schnitzel 99.90
Ribs & Quarter Chicken 174.90
Spatchcock Chicken 162.90
Classic Panarottis T-Bone 144.90

Belgian Waffles

Classic Belgian 39.90
Bellissima Banoffee 46.90
Chocolate Delight 46.90
Peppermint Crispy Waffle 49.90


Fridge Cheesecake 47.90
Tiramisu 53.90
Amarula Milk Tart 45.90
Warm Chocolate Pudding 49.90
Saucy Ice Cream Delight 39.90
Carrot Cake 49.90


Cappuccino 24.90
Americano 22.90
Espresso 21.90
Latte 24.90
Tea 19.90
Hot Chocolate 22.90
Irish Coffee 39.90
Milo 22.90
Nutella Hot Chocolate 24.90
Liqui-Fruit 23.90
Sir Juice 23.90
Mineral Water 19.90
Lipton Ice Tea 20.90
Soda 20.90
Appletiser 27.90
Milkshake 30.90
Soda Float 30.90
Dom Pedro 34.90
Coolers 28.90
Red Bull 35.90
Cordial & Soda 20.90
Rock Shandy 21.90
Ginger Beer 24.90

 Panarottis Menu Updates

There has been no change to the Panarottis menu until 2022. However, we have noticed a few more calorific-rich dishes removed from the desserts menu in favor of savory options like this carrot cake.

As with many other chains of restaurants in the country, some items are increasing between RM1.00 and RM5.00.

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There is a little more for more oversized items. If you’re a lover of pizza, You’ll love the pizza that Panarottis is waiting for you in their eateries.

Their award-winning Italian-style pizza dough guarantees that you’re going to receive a wonderful crust. You’ll be happy to know their dough also contains no artificial preservatives or other additives.

panarottis menu

One of their most popular classic pizzas is the Sweet Chilli Chicken & Feta. In addition to that delicious dough, you’ll discover Roast Chicken, Danish Feta, and a sweet chili sauce.

Increase the quality a little and opt for their all-time favorite parotitis special. Panarottis Special. Salami, ham with pineapple, mushrooms, and Calamata olives. It’s not called Panarottis Special for nothing. Panarottis Special for nothing.

You can make it even more exotic with their Moroccan Lamb. Slowly roasted Lamb served with tzatziki and a salad of rocket. Additionally, they’ve changed many of their pizzas to be vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Therefore, don’t order if your into alternative ingredients that are plant-based instead of meat. Do you want to see if their pizza is comparable to another pizza place? Why not give Debonairs a try.

Their menu is filled with some of the most popular pizzas available across South Africa.

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Menu Specials

There are a variety of specials available each week at Panarottis, depending on the day. On Tuesday, you can purchase any of their traditional pizza or pasta dishes for just 69.90.

A few days later, on a Thursday, you can get this Big Family Feast deal. One appetizer pizza, one pasta, one flatbread, as well as a Jug of soda. All for 299.90.

It’s a good thing you’re heading towards one of their restaurants for breakfast. You can take advantage of the Big Breakfast Deal every day at Panarottis for only 36.90.

You can choose from a range of their tasty breakfast choices. Remember that the offer is only valid until 11 am.

In addition, Panarottis always add temporary and sporadic specials for limited periods – check in on their social media channels for the latest specials available.

One of their most notable features was their All You Can Eat Pizza Special on Thursday.

Pizza-lovers from South African were disappointingly saddened when the news broke last year that they’d be replacing the special by the Big Family Feast you see above.

Another chain that has numerous rotating specials on its menu is KFC. Check out the many specials available on their menu. KFC menu right here.

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Restaurant Rewards

Panarottis is among the largest restaurant chains in South Africa, offering a rewards program. Once you join the program, 5% of your invoice will be added to your account.

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Once you’ve earned 1000 points (spend RM1000), you’ll get the RM50 voucher for their stores. Additionally, you’ll be automatically entered into all the fantastic competitions that they offer. It’s even free to join.

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The Panarottis menu has been serving fantastic meals and delicious food to South Africans since 1990.

They’ve expanded rapidly and now boast over 100 restaurants, with the majority of them located in South Africa, with a couple across in the Indian Ocean in Australia.

There are even some at The Canal Walk mall. One of the reasons they’ve grown so steadily is in their dough. Still using the same processes invented centuries ago, they ensure that their pizzas are never disappointing.

They even allow proofing for up to 48 hours before handing it to their chefs, who press it by hand.

Their effort for traditional does not stop there. The pasta dishes they serve are made from the best 100 Durum wheat pasta, which they import directly from the country in which pasta is made – Italy.

These days, they’re controlled by their parent company, the Spur Corporation, if you didn’t already know, who also has control over the menus at their Spur Steak Ranches.

It will be interesting to follow where their menus are going to take the company. Maybe one day, we’ll see some Panarottis opening up throughout The Northern Hemisphere.

Talk To Someone At Panarottis

Feel like asking some more questions to the Panarottis staff about their menu?
Hit them up on social media:

Pasta and pizza – that’s what Panarottis is known for. And thankfully, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect all of their dishes – making their menu something to be admired.

Of course, you can’t always eat pizza and pasta. Or can you? If you do ever get bored of it, why not some classic Peri-Peri chicken.

There’s plenty of great chicken dishes on the Nandos menu for you.

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FAQs About Panarottis Menu prices

What is the average price range for pizzas on the Panarottis menu in South Africa?

The average price range for pizzas at Panarottis in South Africa is between ZAR 95 and ZAR 150, depending on the size and toppings you choose.

Do Panarottis offer any special deals or promotions on their menu items?

Yes, Panarottis often has special deals and promotions on their menu items. These can include discounted pizza combos, meal specials, or limited-time offers. It’s always a good idea to check their website or inquire at the specific branch for current promotions.

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Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available on the Panarottis menu?

Yes, Panarottis offers a variety of vegetarian options on their menu, including vegetarian pizzas, pastas, and salads. They also have vegan-friendly options such as the Margherita pizza without cheese and some pasta dishes made with vegan ingredients. Be sure to ask the staff for assistance in choosing suitable options.

Are the prices on the Panarottis menu the same at all branches in South Africa?

Generally, the prices on the Panarottis menu are standardized across their branches in South Africa. However, there might be slight variations due to local factors such as rent, overhead costs, or regional pricing strategies. It’s recommended to check with the specific branch for the most accurate prices.

Can I customize my pizza toppings at Panarottis, and does it affect the price?

Yes, you can customize your pizza toppings at Panarottis. They offer a range of toppings to choose from, and some additional toppings may have an extra cost associated with them. The price may vary depending on the toppings you select, so it’s best to inquire about any additional charges when placing your order.

Are the prices at Panarottis inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax)?

Yes, the prices listed on the Panarottis menu are typically inclusive of VAT. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the staff or on your receipt to confirm this.

What is the average price range for pasta dishes at Panarottis in South Africa?

The average price range for pasta dishes at Panarottis in South Africa is usually between ZAR 90 and ZAR 140, depending on the type of pasta, sauce, and additional ingredients you choose.

Does Panarottis offer any gluten-free options on their menu?

Yes, Panarottis has gluten-free options available on their menu. They offer gluten-free pizza bases and some gluten-free pasta options. However, it’s important to note that while efforts are made to avoid cross-contamination, Panarottis is not a gluten-free kitchen, so there may be a risk of trace amounts of gluten.

Are there any kids’ meal options at Panarottis, and what are their prices?

Yes, Panarottis offers a kids’ menu with various meal options designed for children. The prices for kids’ meals range from around ZAR 50 to ZAR 70, depending on the chosen meal and any additional sides or drinks.

Do Panarottis offer any dessert options, and what are their prices?

Yes, Panarottis has a selection of dessert options on their menu, including items like ice cream, chocolate brownies, and waffles

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