Mochachos Menu Prices South Africa

Mochachos Menu Prices in South Africa 

Mochachos was in operation in the Mexican-style restaurant industry for a long time in the past.
Their menu includes a wide assortment of delicious chickens tacos, pitas, and more – all for you to enjoy.
If you’re looking to save some money, you can see some coupons for the restaurant here.
Mochachos Menu Prices
This is the menu for Mochachos, along with the price in South Africa:

Menu Item Price

Mochachos Menu For Light Meals

Toasted Mexican Chicken Mayo R34.90
Mexican Livers & Buns R32.90
4 Full BBQ Wings R44.90
6 Chickens Strips, Chips & Dip R54.90
3 Chickens Strips & Dip R26.90
Mexican Chicken Pieces & Rice R34.90

Mochachos Menu For Salads

Grilled Chicken Salad R39.90
Greek Salad R29.90
Garden Salad R22.90
Coleslaw R22.90

Mochachos Menu For Grilled Chicken

1/4 Chicken R39.90
1/2 Chicken R72.90
Full Chicken R134.90

Mochachos Menu For Schwarmas

Chicken Schwarma R52.90
Rump Steak Schwarma R62.90
Veggie Schwarma R52.90

Mochachos Menu For Kids Meals (+ chips, fruit juice, toy)

Mini Chicken Fillet Burger R45.90
Mini Beef Burger R45.90
4 Chicken Breast Strips R45.90

Mochachos Menu For Burgers

Chicken Burger R39.90
Cheese Burger R46.90
Pine Burger R46.90
Cheese & Pine Burger R53.90
Gourmet Chicken Burger R49.90
Jalapeno Cheese Burger R49.90
Beef Burger R49.90
Cheese Beef Burger R56.90
Pine Beef Burger R56.90
Cheese & Pine Beef Burger R63.90
Gourmet Beef Burger R59.90
Jalapeno Cheese Beef Burger R59.90

Mochachos Menu For Combo Meals

Chicken Burger, Beeg Chips & Buddy R69.90
1/4 Chicken, Beeg Chips & Buddy R69.90
1/2 Chicken, Beeg Chips & Buddy R99.90
Chicken Schwarma, Beeg Chips & Buddy R84.90
Chicken Burrito, Beeg Chips & BuddyR79.90 R79.90
4 Full BBQ Wings & Beeg Chips R59.90
8 Full BBQ Wings & Beeger ChipsR109.90 R109.90
1/4 Chicken, Beeg Chips & BunR56.90 R56.90
1/4 Chicken, Pap & Mexican Sauce R48.90
2 Chicken Fillet Combo R59.90
Amigo Combo R134.90

Mochachos Menu For Mexican Meals

Chicken Burrito R49.90
Rump Steak Burrito R59.90
Classic Cheese Nachos R64.90
Chicken Nachos R79.90
Rump Steak Nachos R89.90
Chicken Quesadilla R76.90
Rump Steak Quesadilla R89.90
Chicken Enchilada R69.90
Rump Steak Enchilada R79.90
Chicken Chimichange R56.90
Rump Steak Chimichange R62.90
Chicken Fajitas R99.90
Rump Steak Fajitas R109.90

Mochachos Menu For Family Meals

Family Feast R189.90
Feamily Fiesta R209.90
Family Variety R169.90
Family Treat R399.90

Mochachos Menu For Sides

Chips R22.90
Potato Wedges R22.90
Mexican Rice R22.90
Pap & Mexican Rice R19.90
Bun R6.90
Mochachos Sauces R22.90
Dips R6.90
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Best Food at Mochachos

Since its inception, Mochachos has been serving the most delicious Mexican food.
The menu is focused on chicken, but there’s also a wide selection of meat options to choose from.
If this is the first time going to one of their eateries, you may be asking yourself – what’s the absolute top item on their menu to guarantee you some good food? It’s a good thing you’re at the right place.
Many people have entered one of the many Mochachos restaurants scattered across South Africa, and they’ve provided their opinions of which one is the best. And we’re going to reveal it to you.
Mochachos Menu
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If there’s one dish that you can’t go wrong eating for dinner, it’s their Flame-Grilled Mexican Chicken.
They’ve spent the better part 2 decades perfecting their blend of spices and herbs, cooking it in a manner that retains the moisture and flavour.
Serve it with chips, salad, or Mexican rice, and you’ll be well on your way to a great meal.
Is chicken getting monotonous for you? It’s not a problem because they have many delicious beef burgers on their menu, too.
Its Pine Beef Burger and Jalapeno Cheese Beef Burger have been loved by patrons time and repeatedly.
Also, pair them with whatever side you want for lunch or dinner, and your meal is easy. It’s quick and straightforward!
Mochachos Menu Prices
Do you want something lighter? Mochachos has you covered. Their Mexican-inspired salads are great for a light lunch at the go.
Add in some chicken, and you’ve got all the nutrients that you require to fuel your day.
All in all, which item you pick from the menu at Mochachos, it’s likely to be back to enjoy it again.
Of course, it’s not possible to continue eating Mexican food every week.
When the time comes for you to take a break and try some traditional sandwiches instead?
Its sandwich baron menu Sandwich Baron has, actually, hundreds of sandwiches to test.
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Like other fast-food chains in South Africa, Mochachos runs a range of offers and discounts throughout the year to encourage customers to eat their food.
And, where can you get the most recent promotions they’re offering?
One of the best methods is to be following all their social media accounts (links below). You’ll be notified of new specials accessible for use.
The specials are typically made to be used in combo meals or new items recently added to the Mochachos menu.

Additionally, if you watch a bit of TV from time to time, Mochachos also runs promotions on television.
They’ve also previously run a variety of ads on TV promoting their menu. Here’s a handful of them to display:
Although they don’t run as many specials as they could, Mugg or Bean offers a specifically designed menu to ensure maximum satisfaction.
Fantastic coffee, delicious, healthy meals, and many more. Check them out if you get the chance.

Mochachos Menu Locations

Mochachos has been in the Mexican food industry for quite some time now and has grown their restaurants into the hundreds.
Not only do they have numerous locations, but they’ve gone international also. There are restaurants located in South Africa, as well as Botswana, Zambia, and Australia.
Some of the most famous restaurants found in South Africa include:

Mochachos – Shop 3, Alrode Shopping Centre, 79 Bosworth Street, Alrode
Mochachos – Shop 5C, Florida Junction, Cnr Ontdekkers & Christiaan de Wet Street, Florida
Mochachos – Shop 39a, Heidelberg Mall, 7 Makapan Street, Heidelberg
Mochachos – Shop 6, Waterfall Centre, c/o Le Roux & Bekker Road, Midrand
Mochachos – 96 Josiah Gumede Rd, New Germany, Pinetown
Mochachos – Shop 8/9, Rock Cottage Centre, Cnr John Vorster & Christiaan de Wet Road Weltevreden Park

Be aware that this list is not complete. There are many Mochachos-style restaurants in South Africa.
If you’re unfortunate enough not to be located close to one, keep your eyes open. The first one is likely to open near you soon.
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Mochachos Near Me

About Mochachos

The capital of South Africa, Pretoria, was the first place in the world Mochachos considered home. Back then, it had a slightly longer name – Mochachos Steak Villages.
As you look at their menus today and their focus on chicken, they believed it was best to omit Steak from their namesake.
At first, they were one of the first restaurants in the whole of South Africa to offer a Mexican-style menu.
They are the biggest restaurant chain operating in South Africa and one of the best, offering a Mexican-style menu.
They’ve seen massive growth over the last decade due to two things: uniqueness and a tasty menu.
Their restaurants are decorated with bright colors, which resemble the style of restaurants commonly found within Mexico itself.
Together with the delicious Mexican dishes on the Mochachos menu, you’ve got a fantastic combination.
So long as their team can continue doing what they’re doing, then it’s highly likely South Africa, as well as the rest of the world, will witness more and more Mochachos restaurants opening shortly.
However, they do have many competitors also trying to get the same customers. One of them is Fishaways.
While Fishaways offers a more focused seafood menu, plenty of South Africans are split 50/50 in the type of food they prefer more.
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Talk To Staff

Not 100% set on visiting one of their restaurants at this point?
Send your questions to their team on social media:

In the end, Mexican-spiced chicken, flame-grilled to a near-perfect temperature at Mochachos, is sure to ensure that patrons are always satisfied when they’ve finished eating.
They can give one of the biggest chicken chains worldwide, Nandos, a run for their money.
But, when there’s Portuguese Peri-Peri chicken available in the Nando’s menu, It’s certainly difficult to beat the quality of their chicken.
Mochachos is an excellent job at it, though.
More questions? Send us a message or drop us an email, and we’ll get back to you.
Have fun with your Mexican chicken!

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