Milky Lane Menu and Prices in South Africa

Milky Lane Menu in South Africa 

Milky Lane Menu and Prices

Milky Lane has menu items in Favourite Waffles, Decadent Waffles, Warm & Fuzzy, Favourite Shakes, Oh So Special Shakes, Whizzers, Sunnydaes, Toppings, Toppings and Craft Sodas in South Africa.

Milky Lane Menu 

Milky Lane Menu Prices

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FAQs About Milky Lane Menu

Milky Lane Menu

What is the Tuesday special at Milky Lane?

Tuesdays never looked so sweet! Buy a Bar-One Bonanza waffle for R48. 90 and get another one for FREE so you can treat someone special!

What type of restaurant is Milky Lane?

Ice Cream, Desserts & Waffles | Milky Lane South Africa

What is Milky Lane nice cream?

Every cup comes with a guaranteed side order of the warm & fuzzies. Our ice cream is so nice, we call it NiceCream! It’s created with our secret recipe that uses natural flavourants and buttermilk.

What are the Milky Lane menu prices near me?

Milky Lane has menu item prices between R11.9 and R78. Menu items range from lowest priced item Oreos to highest priced item Death by Chocolate Waffle.

Do your staff wear masks?

A cloth mask covering the nose and mouth is mandatory for all staff, visitors and customers.