King Pie Menu and Prices in South Africa

King Pie Menu Prices 

King Pie Menu and Prices

In South Africa, King Pie offers Large Pies, Double Filla Pies, Burger Pies, Footlong Rolls, Combo Meals, Chips, Cocktail Pies, Snack Pies, Snack Pies, and Junior Meals.

The South African cake King Pie is made of dough and filling. Most people fill them with meat, cheese, or gravy.

In South Africa, the rates on the King Pie menu depend on the size and type of pie. A small mince pie costs around R15, while a big cheese pie costs about R25.

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FAQs About King Pie Menu And Prices

What is King Pie?

King Pie is a popular fast-food franchise in South Africa known for its delicious pies. They offer a wide range of savory and sweet pies made with quality ingredients and served hot.

Where can I find King Pie outlets in South Africa?

King Pie has numerous outlets across South Africa, including major cities and towns. You can easily find their stores in shopping malls, petrol stations, and standalone outlets.

What types of pies are available at King Pie?

King Pie offers a diverse menu of pies catering to different tastes. You can find classic savory options like steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom, pepper steak, and vegetable curry. They also have a selection of sweet pies, including apple crumble, custard, and caramel.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options at King Pie?

Yes, King Pie understands the importance of catering to different dietary preferences. They offer vegetarian pies, such as spinach and feta, as well as vegan-friendly options like their vegetable curry pie. These options provide tasty alternatives for non-meat eaters.

Do King Pie outlets offer other food items apart from pies?

Yes, King Pie outlets provide more than just pies. They also offer a range of side dishes, such as chips (French fries), coleslaw, and salads. Additionally, some outlets may offer breakfast options like muffins and croissants.

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How much do the pies cost at King Pie?

King Pie’s costs vary by pie and region. A pie typically costs 15–40 ZAR. Discounted combo meals include a pie, side dish, and drink.

Are there any special deals or promotions available at King Pie?

Yes, King Pie frequently introduces special deals and promotions to offer customers great value for their money. These promotions often include combo meal offers, discounted prices on specific pies, or limited-time seasonal pies.

Can I order King Pie online or for delivery?

Yes, King Pie partners with meal delivery services to let clients purchase their favorite pies online or by mobile app. Check if these platforms serve your area and have King Pie delivered to your door.

Are nutritional information and allergen details available for King Pie’s menu items?

King Pie appreciates the value of nutritional and allergen disclosure. Their website and store employees may provide detailed information about their menu items, including calories, ingredients, and allergens.

Can I franchise a King Pie outlet in South Africa?

King Pie franchises are available. Contact the King Pie corporate office or visit their website for franchise information if you love the brand and match their standards.