Honchos Menu and Prices in South Africa

Honchos Menu in South Africa

Honchos Menu Prices
Honchos Menu and Prices, and flame-grilled chicken Menu & Specials. Don’t miss the South Africa Honchos Specials, full chicken prices, burgers & sandwiches offers, and the current promotions & discounts.

Honchos restaurants serve one of the best flame-grilled chicken in South Africa, and now you can order from over 100 restaurants.


Picked For You

 Special One R38,00
Full Chicken R80,00
 The Mucho Family Meal R100,00
 Chicken Schwarma R24,00
 One Cheeky Bowl R27,00

Take X2 Meals

Get X2 Chicken and Pepper Burger R35,00
Get X2 Chicken and Pepper Burger (Take X2 Meals) R35,00
Get X2 Chicken, Cheese and Pepper Burger R38,00
Get X2 Regular Beef and Cheese Burger R28,00
Get X2 Jumbo Beef and Cheese Burger R33,00
 Get X2 Schwarmas R33,00


 The Beffarito R23,00
 The Chickarito R23,00
 The Eggarito R20,00

Brave Burgers

 Double Brave Burger R55,00
 Regular Brave Burger R25,00

Cheeky Bowls

One Cheeky Bowl (Cheeky Bowls) R27,00
 We are Cheeky Everyday R45,00


 The Brekkie Burger R22,00
 The Legend Burger R29,00
 2x The Legend Burger R50,00

Honchos Kiddies Meal

 Kiddies Meal R50,00

The Mucho Family Meal

The Mucho Family Meal (The Mucho Family Meal) R100,00

The One and Only Big 1

 The One and Only R170,00


Quarter Chicken R22,00
Half Chicken R43,50
Full Chicken (Chicken) R80,00

Wings and Strips

 6 Spicy Wings R55,00
4 Spicy Wings R40,00
4 Spicy Wings (Wings and Strips) R40,00
 Polo Strips R30,00
 Polo Strips and Chips R26,00


Chicken and Mayo Sandwich R29,00


Chicken Cheese Schwarma R20,00
Chicken Schwarma (Schwarmas) R24,00


Cheesy Chips R18,00
 On the “Chip Side” of Life R10,00

Hot Beverages

Imported Creamy R8,90
Imported Creamy (Hot Beverages) R8,90
White Coffee R8,90
Cappuccino R8,90


Special One (Specials) R38,00
 Quickie 1 – Killer Deal R29,00

Cold Drinks

 300ml Cooee R9,00
1.25LT Cooee R15,00
2LT Cooee R21,00
 Reboost Original R15,00
 Honchos Water R8,00
Bashews Can R9,00
Capri Sun R9,00
2LT Coke R26,00
300ML Cans R14,00
300ML Buddy R11,00
440ML Buddy R17,00
1.5LT Coke R21,00
Powerade Energy Drink R16,00
 750ML Pump Water R16,00
 500ML Valpre Water R14,00

Sauce Bottles

 Spicy Mayo 325ML R30,00
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Honchos Menu

Honchos Menu Prices

Honchos Menu Prices

Honchos Menu video

Honchos South Africa official website is www.honchos.co.za

For more information on fast food restaurants visit our site southafricanmenus.online

FAQs About Honchos Menu and Prices


What are the most popular items on the Honchos menu in South Africa

However, some of the menu items that are mentioned in the search results include flame-grilled burgers, chicken, The Mucho Family Meal, Chicken Schwarma, One Cheeky Bowl, 1/4 Chicken, Wings Combo, Chicken Cheese Burger, Livers, and Chicken & Cheese Wrap.

How many honchos are there in South Africa?

HONCHOS began as a single store in Pietermaritzburg in 2005. The brand has since grown to 98 Stores Nationally which includes a footprint in Botswana, Lesotho and eSwatini.

What is the Honchos Black Friday special?

Honchos has Black Friday in the bag! Buy any Take 2 Deal and get a free 300ml Coo-ee. Or get your hands on a Honchos Family Meal for only R99 with a full chicken, large chips & 4 buns and get a free 2L Coo-ee

How much is a HONCHOS franchise?

Establishing a new Honchos store requires an upfront fee of R150,000 and working capital of the same amount. They estimate that establishing a new store will cost R1. 35 million, bringing the total investment to roughly R1. 5 million.