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Enjoy your flame grilled chicken!

FAQs About Galitos Menu

Galitos Menu

What is Galitos?

Galitos is a popular South African restaurant chain specializing in flame-grilled chicken dishes. They offer a variety of meals with different spice levels and flavors.

Where can I find Galitos restaurants in South Africa?

Galitos has numerous branches across South Africa, including major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Pretoria.

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How much does a typical meal at Galitos cost?

Galitos offers a range of meal options at different price points. On average, a meal at Galitos can cost between ZAR 60 and ZAR 150, depending on the size and type of the meal.

What are the different meal options available at Galitos?

Galitos menu features a variety of flame-grilled chicken dishes, including quarter, half, or full chicken meals. They also offer burgers, wraps, pitas, and platters, along with a selection of sides such as fries, coleslaw, and rice.

Do Galitos menu prices vary based on the spice level or type of chicken?

Yes, Galitos menu prices can vary based on the spice level and type of chicken you choose. For example, a meal with extra hot spice level may be priced slightly higher than a mild or medium spice level.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available at Galitos?

While Galitos primarily focuses on chicken dishes, they do offer a few vegetarian options like veggie burgers or wraps. However, it’s important to note that the restaurant’s specialty is grilled chicken.

Can I view Galitos’ menu and prices online?

Yes, Galitos has an official website where you can view their menu and prices. Additionally, you may find online food delivery platforms that display Galitos’ menu along with the corresponding prices.

Does Galitos offer any special deals or promotions?

Yes, Galitos often runs special deals and promotions to provide customers with value-for-money options. These promotions may include discounted meal combos, limited-time offers, or loyalty programs.

Are the prices at Galitos inclusive of taxes?

Yes, the prices displayed on Galitos’ menu typically include taxes. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the restaurant or the staff when placing your order to avoid any surprises.

Can I order Galitos’ menu items for delivery or takeout?

Absolutely! Galitos offers delivery and takeout services for their menu items. You can either place your order directly through their website or use popular food delivery platforms to have your meal delivered to your doorstep.

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